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Local councillor Ray Thomas told last night's meeting of the Vale planning committee: "This is a hamlet in open countryside and this development would clearly be an overdevelopment.
Memories of Overdevelopment," based on the novel by Edmundo Desnoes, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2010.
Resulting tale would make Frank Capra proud, though Dunn eschews information for poetry, making the movie a beautiful but not entirely airtight look at the price we pay for overdevelopment.
Bumper stickers protesting overdevelopment say, "Stop the Browardization"--a slogan that also applies to the effort to reverse a century's worth of Everglades decline.
The Baltimore-Washington area is plagued by overdevelopment and sprawl.
A report to Walsall Council's Aldridge area planning committee, which meets tomorrow, tuesays the application has prompted 14 letters of objection from nearby residents, concerned about overdevelopment, loss of wildlife, and increased traffic, pollution and noise.
New and powerful forms of urban activism have developed around the crises of homelessness, AIDS, police brutality, overdevelopment, environmental hazards, and queer-bashing.
Senator and Republican National Committee (RNC) General Chairman Mel Martinez to protect American taxpayers from being forced to subsidize irresponsible coastal overdevelopment along America's barrier islands.
Concerns include overdevelopment of the village, increase in traffic/dangerous roads, no need for extra housing in Carlton, with "many on sale in village", devaluation of properties and loss of open space.
Anybody living in Caerphilly will know that the major expansion of the Caerphilly Basin has already occurred and that overdevelopment is now a real threat to the quality of life of people already living here, many of whom have fought hard to contain local settlement limits over the years.
NOW that many of the world's governments have woken up to the fact that due to overdevelopment, and the obsession with biofuels there is now a growing shortage of land available for food production for our fast rising population, both here and globally; will Kirklees Council rethink its plan to build thousands of houses - many of them in green belt or green field areas?
Campaigning residents also suggested there were threats to health because of the supposed overdevelopment of the site.