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Resident Michael Griffin, who is opposing the residential home expansion, said: "It isclear overdevelopment in the conservation area.
After a site meeting, councillors rejected the latest scheme on grounds of its design and that it was setting a precedent of overdevelopment.
Some residents feel that the problem was caused by the overdevelopment of the area and developments that are not sensitive to the region's desert climate, which is unsuitable for expansive lawns, soccer fields and sweeping vineyards, all of which exist in the hilly community.
Then the plans at Northlands for a new hostel and low-cost housing and workshops, all having overdevelopment with very little parking, and proposed access to Northlands via Heathfield Road and Pen-y-Bryn Place, via Pen-y-Bryn Road, all of which have access problems.
The application was refused on grounds it was out of character and an overdevelopment.
Sully community councillors have objected to the latest plan on the grounds that it would be an overdevelopment of the site.
Putting this many properties in such a small space is gross overdevelopment and residents are against this application.
His 12,000 photos documenting erosion and overdevelopment, including the single photo in question, are posted on his Web site, californiacoastline.
More than 1,000 signatures have been collected as part of a campaign against the overdevelopment of an inner-city park.
Newton also is intent on protecting Val Verde from overdevelopment.
Here in The Pastures and surrounding areas in Barry, residents are fighting to keep the town's last remaining green lung against overdevelopment of the site for housing.
Quintero said that the council's priorities would be to protect the hillsides from overdevelopment, augment the police force and improve the standard of living in low-income neighborhoods.