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It's also easy to overdo it on nail polish removers, tooth whiteners, facial cleansers and wrinkle creams.
It's OK to eat stuff you like, as long as you don't overdo it.
As with all technology, it is possible to overdo it once you've discovered the possibilities.
Sprains, strains and exhaustion aren't found on a great vacation, so don't overdo it.
Don't overdo it on any one day, and make sure your friends and family know to move at your pace.
More than one shooter has found shooting big guns (providing you don't overdo it and develop a flinch) can actually improve consistency with all guns.
She knows all her students' limitations and cautions people not to overdo it.
If you continue to overdo it, you may go on to develop severe headaches, weakness, and painful joints.
While it's very important to keep fit and healthy, we at the Arthritis Research Campaign want to get the message across to would-be keepfitters that you can prevent sports injuries by following a few simple guidelines: train and warm up properly, make sure you've got the right technique and don't overdo it.
The tendency for almost everybody who starts an exercise program is to overdo it early, so they get sore and tired," says McGuire.
You might feel similar symptoms when you overdo it at mealtime, Koch says.