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When you overdo it, your hands might look fresh, but if you use the wrong type of polish remover too often, your nails could become brittle and discolored.
In addition to forcing him to sit out occasionally so he doesn't overdo it, Jordan said the surgically repaired knee is limiting his effectiveness in other areas.
There may be a tendency to take it lightly and overdo it.
The downside: It's easy to overdo it, and consuming large amounts of caffeine is not a healthy habit.
Jackson's prescription for O'Neal was simple: Play a restrained game, don't overdo it, and leave the basket standards alone.
If your bedding has airplanes, don't overdo it with airplane lamps and big airplanes on the wall, too,'' she cautions.
Caution in ordering, though, is a good idea because it's easy to overdo it at the start of the meal and not have enough room to finish the main course, let alone end with a dessert.
I smoked from age 19 to 32, and after I quit, my skin color improved noticeably and my capacity for exercise increased greatly, but I don't overdo it.
McGrady scored six quick points, and Bryant appeared to overdo it trying to match him, picking up an offensive foul and missing five of his first seven shots.
Messina and Hughes agree that consumers should embrace soy products as part of a balanced diet, but not overdo it - an American tradition.