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That was probably overdoing things, and she reportedly returned lame after finishing only ninth to Crimplene.
He has a lot of talent, and maybe at times frustrates me and the fans by overdoing things.
There are potential challenges to health through overdoing things over the late summer months.
Bernadette said: "The thing with non-surgical work is that it looks very natural and there is no risk of overdoing things - unless you go crazy with fillers.
One of the problems with this type of injury is that you have to let things run their course and John has had to reign me in a few times and stop me overdoing things.
He has admitted overdoing things in the past, saying: "I've slept with too many women, done too many drugs, and I've been to too many parties.
Levein said: "I am always wary about overdoing things with young players because at some point they will always fall flat on their face.
It lets you know if you are overdoing things or slacking.
The former ballerina, mother of two of Des's four daughters, added: "He's overdoing things a bit isn't he?
I fear you may have been overdoing things as Northern Ireland Secretary and should step down this afternoon after Ministerial Questions.
Karl realises that Sheila is overdoing things and warns her to slow down or face the consequences, and it's then that she admits she's pushing herself because she feels guilty about leaving Toadie for dead in the blaze.
Personally, this is one for when my immune system's in need of the extra support - when a cold's coming on or I've been overdoing things and am not feeling tip-top.