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If Earth suffered several simultaneous hits 214 million years ago with few lasting biological effects, then scientists may have, overdramatized the threats of life-ending strikes from space.
Regardless of the true amount spent on the campaign of 1896, some of the numbers quoted by historians have at times confused and overdramatized the campaign, while some of the high figures cited have, in fact, added falsely to the legend of Mark Hanna.
What is known now is that Kennedy's version of the threat in that speech was overdramatized for political effect, a point now conceded by surviving top Kennedy administration advisers, including Theodore Sorensen and McGeorge Bundy.
To our real discomfort, our Russian hosts told our party they regarded nuclear safety a solved problem, that the problems raised by our experience had been overdramatized, and quoted the head of their national Academy of Science as saying that Soviet reactors "would soon be so safe as to be installed in Red Square.
This whole ordeal has been blown out of proportion and overdramatized.
Perhaps it's overdramatized, but that was the feeling after the Dodgers were beaten up by the San Francisco Giants in Los Angeles a week ago.
Mean street lives are neither overdramatized nor prettified, and family conflicts are met head-on.