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1) Far from overdramatizing the scale of various genocides, Lethal Laws inclines to settle on the lowest reasonable number of victims.
That sounds like overdramatizing from someone whose group has sold some 40 million recordings, already owns eight Grammys and armloads of other music awards, and is the first African-American woman to be named pop songwriter of the year by ASCAP - the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.
There are no simple moments, no down time, and the wholly airless visual style winds up overdramatizing the humdrum.
It also means no more blaming others for our team's failure, or blaming staff members for not overdramatizing your injuries so that you avoid blame for your lack of conditioning.
home with her overdramatizing mom, kind father, adoring grandpa, reliable older sister Estela (the very fine Ingrid Oliu) and an ongoing parade of cousins and other extendeds.
At least she has enough sensitivity to politely lie about what really drove her away from this wearying, overdramatizing brood.