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Not only did my kids have to walk over two miles to school instead of getting the bus, but now the bank has charged me for being overdrawn although it was not my fault.
Its poll of borrowers showed that 40 per cent of respondents are embarrassed at having to admit to being overdrawn.
Things get better each season for the ex-jump jockey and his Overdrawn looks a star bet in the opening Maxiprint Nursery at York today.
MILLIONSof people a relosing money because they think they cannot switch banks if they are overdrawn, a new report reveals.
uk, said: "Basic bank accounts appeal to customers who are worried about overspending, as they do not allow you to go overdrawn.
Banks were yesterday trying to ensure direct debits are paid as usual although the transactions can be refused if their payment takes an account overdrawn.
A bank apologised yesterday after it wrote to a customer to say he was more than pounds 51 million overdrawn.
Union chiefs said some of the employees were overdrawn as a result and had to go to their bosses for emergency payments.
I was fuming when, after 20 years of being a loyal customer and never going overdrawn, Lloyds whacked a pounds 33 charge on my account for going pounds 9.