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Customers with a basic account are not allowed to have a cheque book or go overdrawn.
uk, saic "Those who are constantly overdrawn should try to clear it once and for all with a structured loan, zero per cent balance transfer or low-rate credit card.
Research from Thinkmoney shows 27% rely on their overdraft for half the month and 1% are constantly overdrawn.
Prosecutors said Macready's dishonesty was only discovered when the head of practice at Padma Surgery, Dr Das Mohapatra, found out the organisation was overdrawn to the tune of PS35,000 and identified discrepancies in account records.
Any such sum is treated as a loan from the company, and if this balance is not repaid or written off within nine months of the company's accounting period end, HMRC impose a penalty on the company of 25% of the overdrawn balance at the period end.
CONSUMER campaigners are urging stronger action to "clean up" the credit market after finding that going overdrawn with your bank can be as expensive as using a payday lender.
In addition, Uzbekistan has not paid for overdrawn electricity valued at more than $7 million.
IF YOU'RE regularly overdrawn, don't choose an account based on the credit interest that it pays; if you only ever get overdrawn by a small amount look for an account that has an interest-free overdraft.
RBS and NatWest current account customers with an authorised overdraft will be charged a PS6 a month fee when they go overdrawn by a tenner - on top of an existing annual interest rate of almost 20 per cent.
A selection of your comments left on our website, Twitter and Facebook pages CURRENT account customers are being charged as much as pounds 900 a year for going overdrawn without permission according to a report which "shatters the myth" of free banking.
The company also allowed debit accounts to remain in overdrawn status for long periods as overdraft fees piled up, and engaged in other deceptive practices, the agency said.
In the last three- four days, Uttar Pradesh has consistently overdrawn between 1,500 MW to 2,898 MW.