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Yet the study suggests that people may be overestimating the impact of wintery skies.
One, highlighted by the Riksbank itself as one of the most important, is that the bank has systematically overestimated import prices and underestimated productivity growth, so overestimating inflationary pressures.
In London meanwhile, people are overestimating the values by a smaller margin of around pounds 23,000.
They found that overestimating one's chances of success on a new venture led to excessive market entry and financial losses.
TARGET SIZE Any time you hunt an animal that is dramatically larger or smaller than what you are used to shooting at, you are very likely to misjudge the distance--usually overestimating the distance to smaller animals and underestimating the distance to larger animals.
5 miles (or more), it may be slightly overestimating the distance.
RHS is overestimating its budget needs for 5-year rental assistance contracts in three ways.
Overestimating the prevalence of peers' consumption has in turn been associated with heavier drinking and negative alcohol related consequences.
Last year, in a study released by the American Textile Manufacturers Institute (ATMI), CPSC was accused of "substantially underestimat[ing] the cost of implementing such a regulation by $2 billion while significantly overestimating the benefits.
After 1956, when the United States became the dominant power in the Middle East, it made the same mistake -- vastly overestimating Iranian nationalism as represented by the Shah and correspondingly underestimating Muslim religion as represented by Ayatollah Khomeini.
It tells you someone is oblivious to the trends around them and that they [may be prone] to overestimating their own ability to adapt to trends and execute strategies, says CREF's Budde.
But Porteus warns against overestimating the benefits of the technology.