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As is illustrated in Figure 1, use of the canine scale to approximate the osmolality of Hispaniolan Amazon parrot urine leads to an overestimation of the true osmolality of the sample.
Patient care could be affected by pathologist overestimation of malignant cells, which could generate a false-negative test result for a mutation.
01, which means that the bank's overestimation of inflation is highly significant on a two-year view.
At the same hearing, Energy and Environment Subcommittee Chairman Andy Harris (R-MD), and Michael Honeycutt, chief toxicologist at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, discussed what they saw as the EPA's overestimation of the benefits conferred by its rules.
showed that even the newer high density polypropylene syringes were not adequate under these high P02 situations and resulted in an overestimation of shunt by 0.
The study's authors said their study was possibly limited because of the fact that participants were at high risk for unintended pregnancy and had to be willing to switch to a new contraceptive method, "which may have resulted in overestimation of contraceptive failure rates.
The average website is based on an overestimation regarding its capability to handle visitors by 3.
The company says the system will help to reduce mistakes such as underestimation of costs, overestimation of sales and the difficulty in predicting what effects price changes may have on volume.
While such privileging of the overlooked and marginalized revealed curators with hearts in the right place--and an eye on White Columns' founding mission--it also suggested an overestimation of the power of certain inclusions to communicate unaided.
We present the overestimation of the incidence in relation to the "internal gold standard" incidence when shortening the disease-free interval.
65% annually Coand caused slight overestimation at the secondary market in the segment of the state loans.