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The previous literature on international migration and international knowledge, however, has yielded two important findings that are useful for generating hypotheses for this research: 1) emigration aspirations and decisions are significantly shaped by socioeconomic opportunities and condition in foreign countries; 2) citizens in a developing and authoritarian country are often misinformed about foreign countries, and correcting their overestimation of foreign socioeconomic conditions can influence their social attitudes.
This is due to the overestimation of the Chebyshev inclusion function.
Previously we have found that, among inpatients, pain assessment was influenced by both medical and pain treatment evidences: in the presence of robust medical evidence for severe pathology, nurses inflated low PSRP, but because these patients received pain treatment, nurses strongly discounted high PSRP; similarly, clinical and treatment evidences were found to inflate overestimation of low PSRP in oncology, surgery, and ICU wards [3].
Absolute error measures the error magnitude but not the under- or overestimation bias.
8%; range: 0-6), while the mean numbers of underestimation and overestimation were 10 (35.
The amount of overestimation of construction and installation works on the specified object was 787.
A whistleblower alerted the firm's top lawyer of the overestimation on Friday.
Studies done with both blue and red excitation chlorophyll sensors showed at least a 16% overestimation of the actual chlorophyll concentration when using the blue excitation sensor and not applying a correction whereas the red excitation sensor needed no correction.
Another table compares the extent of overestimation of area of mitral valve annulus by calculating the mean difference of the area of mitral valve annulus and mean difference of constants ([K.
The selectivity of Rxi[R]-35 Sil MS (35% phenyl type) columns provides complete separation of all critical compounds and prevents overestimation of cannabis potency.
Even if 10% of those attending A&E should have been seen by a GP - and we know that is a significant overestimation - and if that work was transferred to general practice, it would simply be a drop in the ocean.
Use of the reference-canine scale to approximate the osmolality of parrot urine leads to an overestimation of the true osmolality of the sample.