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When combined with inadequate rest and other stresses, overexercise, sometimes called overtraining syndrome, can lead to an impaired immune system and inflammation.
Girls who overexercise and don't consume enough calories to support all bodily functions can suffer menstrual irregularity or lose their periods entirely, which can lead to muscle and bone injuries.
These subclinical disordered eating behaviors include dietary restriction, purging and overexercise without concurrent compensatory eating.
perhaps for DSM-6, may be compulsive overeating, video gaming, shopping, and even overexercise.
Waiting in the wings," perhaps for DSM-6, may be compulsive overeating, video gaming, shopping, and even overexercise.
Males with eating disorders tend to focus on the 'body beautiful' and 'healthy body' of the six-packed figures on men's health magazines, and will overexercise and cut down on food to attain that image," she explains.
A combination of disordered eating, menstrual irregularity, and bone loss that's triggered by overexercise, the triad leads to an overall weakening of the skeletal structure.
A diagnosis of bulimia requires that the individual experience binge eating and compensatory behavior, such as vomiting, laxative use, or overexercise (primary features), with these behaviors occurring at least twice weekly for at least three months (minimum duration), and a self-evaluation that is unduly influenced by body image (associated feature), with purging and nonpurging subtypes.
Don't overexercise your animal, and plan for walks early in the morning or late in the evening at a relaxed pace.
One of the most common reasons people quit exercise programs is that they overexercise, which can lead to injury and getting discouraged," Burke says.
The fallout from this fitness craze can be extremely dangerous for gay men, ranging from traditional eating disorders to a recently named syndrome known as body dysmorphia disorder, in which people overexercise in pursuit of an unattainable figure.