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It is important to remember that overuse of water is possible only when water agencies overexpand the size of their supply networks.
269, 269-70 (1988) (noting that the compensation requirement "disciplin[es] the power of the state, which would otherwise overexpand unless made to pay for the resources that it consumes").
Air embolism occurs when the lungs overexpand while breathing compressed air underwater.
Just because fiduciary bank money may be issued in a manner that does not contribute to the business cycle, it does not follow that banks cannot overexpand credit in practice.
But inevitably this segment will overexpand, and some breweries will make bad beer.
If driven as hard as safely possible in the much stronger Marlin 1985 lever action, much less the Ruger #1 or #3, these bullets tend to overexpand, and sometimes even blow up.
MDC exhibited the discipline and reinvestment restraint to continuously improve its balance sheet during the extended upside of this cycle when the risk is often to overexpand and accelerate investments.
7) Similar inattention brought a charge, later retracted (Selgin and White 1996), that banks could overexpand in unison without triggering restraint by arbitrage.
California has held its own in the industry largerly because it didn't overexpand its retail network for selling manufactured homes - a phenomenon that occurred nearly everywhere else, according to Bob West, president of the Rancho Cucamonga-based California Manufactured Housing Institute.
We managed our growth carefully during the explosive periods in the software industry so as not to overexpand in case of a downturn.
Any bank that overexpands the circulation of its banknotes, however, will lose reserves through adverse clearing to other banks.
As with rising oil prices, consumption will be affected but the cycle has further to run until inelastic supply overexpands and demand cools over the next four years.