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If the stretch of direct thought presentation (Someone overfamiliar in red braces) had been enclosed within quotation marks, readers would have had to rely on the subsequent reporting clause (she thought) to distinguish between what Martha actually said and what she thought.
Maybe that is the problem, since perhaps I have read so much of his previous work that I have become overfamiliar with his writings.
But clearly both scholar and performer need to be aware of the options the Manchester manuscripts open up, and if an exploration of the uncertainties raised by the two sources inspires an imaginative reevaluation of this overfamiliar music, then this would surely be welcome in itself.
His best form is on softer ground when his turn of foot can prove highly effective and he is an interesting addition to the somewhat overfamiliar cast list of two-mile chasers.
Perl briefly affirms Winkfield over the superficially similar and more widely celebrated painter Larri Pittman, but we need an image from both, and a talking-through of why Winkfield is not only more involving and sustaining, and more resistant to easy postmodern relativism than Pittman (and why that is a good thing), but also why it would be wrong to read Winkfield as whimsical or fussy, his technique bland, his mix of abstraction and figuration overfamiliar from Stuart Davis or Gerald Murphy.
Many readers of this journal will find Hamilton's version of Arnold's career overfamiliar, as well as treacly, and may not believe that nineteenth-century literature would be a better place if Arnold had written a few more poems instead of Culture and Anarchy and "The Function of Criticism at the Present Time," works that still engage readers.
Like Infinite Jest these pieces suggest contradictory attitudes toward language: on the one hand, a Jamesian desire to describe more and more obsessively, as if creating a lasso of language to ensnare the ineffable; on the other hand, a recognition of the cliched state of language, so overfamiliar that meaning can be telegraphed ("Foxholes and atheists and so on").
The play is boring, but perhaps talented actors did and will bring this tired plot and these overfamiliar South African cutouts to life.
If you're fed up to the hilt with your smoggy, overfamiliar L.
After a somewhat slow start (during which Bourdieu and Haacke get bogged down in the overfamiliar litany on Senator Jesse Helms and his homophobic, anti-art antics), the dialogue takes off, orbiting around the central concern of both of these authors: aesthetics and politics.
I think it's a phrase that gets attached to anyone who's been around long enough to become overfamiliar.
CHRIS Hoy has revealed that an outrageously overfamiliar fan asked him for a photo - at a urinal.