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It's almost as if overfamiliarity with the material breeds contempt (you know, the star-crossed lovers die at the end); so instead, productions are too often dressed up, disguised and gimmicked up in an effort to make them relevant to today's sensibilities.
The story grabs you every time although, maybe because of overfamiliarity, it isn't as emotionally draining.
Most staff like to have a drink or two and NEWS this can lead to relaxed inhibitions, increasing the risk of overfamiliarity and/or aggressive behaviour.
Second, overfamiliarity with any genre can lead to an ossification of the audience's judgment; elements that appear to be the hallmarks of a genre may be received contrary to the author's intent, and an audience preconditioned to see generic meaning can, with little or no prompting, see nothing else.
A more dynamic, contestable market will reduce the dangers that come with overfamiliarity and long, unchallenged tenures.
One's first reaction may be to blame one's overfamiliarity with the genuine version.
At one time the maroon and white of Sheikh Mohammed was viewed with the ennui born of overfamiliarity.
It was shown that overfamiliarity was a trait of Patient A [and] she thought she was no longer responsible for him once she was dismissed from the case.
Granted, overfamiliarity with these works might have contributed to my impression.
Overfamiliarity can breed contempt but Gent says it's not that hard to strike the right balance.
And there's the rub - overfamiliarity all too often breeds discontent.