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This was the largest audience that I have ever addressed, in any part of the country; and besides speaking in the main Auditorium, I also addressed, that same evening, two overflow audiences in other parts of the city.
This log-cabin had a loft, where we boys slept, and in the loft were stored in barrels the books that had now begun to overflow the bookcase.
But it might have been foreseen that the rising tide of thought and feeling, on the strength of which they too are borne upward, would sometimes overflow barriers.
To 'the woods that belt the gray hillside'--ay, and overflow beyond it into many a valley purple-folded in immemorial peace," answered Uncle Blair.
There is the feeling that one is completely out of hand, with the very distinct consciousness of an endless number of fine thrills and quiverings to the very toes;--there is a depth of happiness in which the painfullest and gloomiest do not operate as antitheses, but as conditioned, as demanded in the sense of necessary shades of colour in such an overflow of light.
I compare her to one of those raging rivers, which when in flood overflows the plains, sweeping away trees and buildings, bearing away the soil from place to place; everything flies before it, all yield to its violence, without being able in any way to withstand it; and yet, though its nature be such, it does not follow therefore that men, when the weather becomes fair, shall not make provision, both with defences and barriers, in such a manner that, rising again, the waters may pass away by canal, and their force be neither so unrestrained nor so dangerous.
Occasionally this rosy fluid overflows into the rest of her face--by which I mean that she blushes--as softly as the mark of your breath on the window- pane.
Extreme Overflow Enterprises, Inc, is a business coaching, leadership training, and publishing company who is dedicated to the empowerment of leaders through training, development and motivating professional achievement.
Stack Overflow has grown to be so popular that it is trusted by every developer when they hit a problem.
In the event of a clog, WaterWarden overflow protection prevents unpleasant spills by draining excess water through overflow holes located inside the bowl, keeping the mess off the floor.
An overflow is when the water exceeds its boundaries; the space is filled to capacity and water then spreads beyond its limits.
If there was a blockage in the pipes or sewer system, then the pipes leading to the drain would be filled and any additional water would overflow into, and eventually out of, the toilet--which is exactly what happened.