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The balance of the day and evening was filled with preparation for a great hunt--spears were overhauled, quivers were replenished, bows were restrung; and all the while the village witch doctor passed through the busy throngs disposing of various charms and amulets designed to protect the possessor from hurt, or bring him good fortune in the morrow's hunt.
I had the same revolver I've got now, and I made him stay in bed while I overhauled things.
I have dodged figuring it up till yesterday; then things were so desperate, I thought I might as well face the truth, so I overhauled my accounts, and there 's the result.
Holmes smiled with satisfaction as we overhauled a river steamer and left her behind us.
He could not reach the brute's side before it overhauled Teeka.
Hal and his sister and brother-in-law listened unwillingly, pitched tent, and overhauled the outfit.
A few minutes later I was in the big tent, where I had overhauled Red Denny.
Here he checked the housekeeper's accounts, and overhauled the butler's cellar-book.
It was only later, when upon the white flash of another high sea hurling itself amidships, Jukes had a vision of two pairs of davits leaping black and empty out of the solid blackness, with one overhauled fall flying and an iron-bound block capering in the air, that he became aware of what had happened within about three yards of his back.
She overhauled my outfit for me, and meantime I read for the first time 'Sartor Resartus' and Burnaby's 'Ride to Khiva.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian experts repaired and overhauled a C-130 military plane used for transporting military forces and equipment.
Lufthansa Technik Landing Gear Services UK (LTLGS) has overhauled the 25th Landing Gear set of the Boeing 777-300ER aircraft type.