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He ordered the boys to beach the cutter, scrub her bottom, and give her a general overhauling.
Half the night had been spent in overhauling the ballast and exploring the seams, but the labor had been without avail.
Old One Eye was rapidly overhauling the fleeing shape of white.
But early in those sixty days the cook, giving an overhauling to the galley, made a find.
With a final inspection and overhauling he took his seat in the aeroplane.
But my boy could run, was overhauling me again, seemed certain of me this time, when all at once the Sunbeam ran easily; every ounce of my weight with either foot once more, and I was over the crest of the hill, the gray road reeling out from under me as I felt for my brake.
said he, overhauling me rather rudely with his light small eyes.
The overhauling operations of the plane took 30,000 man/hours of work.
4) Overhauling of Air compressors 5) Dismentling Fabrication, of various pipe & structural steel 6) Overhauling stamping of 60 MT Electronic weigh bridges & Conversion of 30 MT weigh bridges in to Electronic & dumping scales, weight, measures 7) Top overhauling of 320 KVA Diesel Generating set & B check maintenance 8) Overhauling of ABE C/F, M/C%s 9) Overhauling of water cooled/air cooled type Air conditioners 10) Overhauling of Mapcon pH control system & Melter Brix & temp.
AIRCRAFT engine overhaul company, GE Aviation Wales has celebrated 20 years of overhauling engines for British Airways.
We certainly don't believe in a 'one-size-fits-all' philosophy when it comes to overhauling an engine because we know that just doesn't work for those who rely on Series 60 power," said Jeff Wallis, General Manager of Parts Sales and Marketing.
LTS already is overhauling CFM56-3 thrust reverser units for Thai.