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A colleague faced with an engine swap on his Baron recently asked me a tough one: Will a factory remanufactured engine--as opposed to a quality field overhaul done by a respected shop--greatly influence the resale value of the aircraft?
Since 2003 to date, LTLGS have performed over 200 Boeing 777 Landing gear ship sets overhauls in total of all variants and weight configuration.
Lauderdale, Florida, the company offers complete engine overhauls on the CF6 engine platform, including the CF6-50, CF6-80A, and CF6-80C, as well as other mature jet engine platforms.
In addition to overhauling the RB211 which powers the airline's Boeing 747s and 767s, GE Aviation Wales also overhauls the CFM56 engine which powers the airline's Boeing 737s and Airbus A320s, and the GE90 engine which powers the Boeing 777.
This will be the longest the Cracker plant has ever gone between major overhauls - the last one having taken place back in May/June 2002.
She awarded the first competitively-bid depot maintenance period contract valued at $174 million and two major submarine overhauls valued at $82.
Arnold Schwarzenegger hit the campaign trail Tuesday, driving a Humvee to a restaurant where he asked diners to sign petitions needed to place his package of fiscal and political overhauls on the November ballot.
Don't think of them as anything like piston overhauls.