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7, 1999--Anyone who overindulged during the holidays and made a New Year's resolution to lose weight will be inspired by the Ricki Lake "60 Days To Do It: Ricki's Weight Loss Challenge" show, airing on January 15.
For those who overindulged on the turkey the sobering reality is the 4,500 calories piled on during the festive feast will require 12 hours and seven minutes to shift.
A HEALTH charity is reassuring those who have overindulged over the festive period that small changes can get you back to long-term health.
Mutley, a dog-faced puffer fish, has overindulged so much that he now struggles to move around.
He's thoroughly ashamed of his behaviour, he had overindulged himself.
PEOPLE who have overindulged at Christmas can get help from a new Slimming World group in Kenilworth.
We've got many young people, particularly on weekends, ending up in casualty departments because they have overindulged on alcohol.
Some will have overindulged themselves with food or drink and it may well take more than a few days to put things right.
Originally planned as a single feature tribute to the 1970s grind-house fare - early Hong Kong kung-fu movies, post-Kurosawa samurai slice-and- squirts, amoral spaghetti Westerns - this overindulged project eventually ran to a three-hour-plus cut.
Cooks don't start nibbling too early, the thought of having to cook more of what you've overindulged in will make you ill.
Boomers - and we're all alike, of course - were overindulged as children, which led us to become hopelessly self-absorbed and self-centered.
Later, Ricky mucked around with actor Will Arnett, 44, pretending he had overindulged at the free bar.