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And so, ruined by both its own rulers and its overindulgent "friends," Cambodia's curse continues.
The new Government seems less like a nanny and more like an overindulgent mummy, making excuses for why her spoilt children are such idle porkers.
It is also strikingly reminiscent of long held beliefs that the overindulgent, smothering mother was responsible for producing an array of social pathologies in her children.
Fans found to be OS are prone to believe that many professional athletes have become excessively greedy, overindulgent, and are more interested in making money than in playing the game.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, while we've been overindulgent in our eating habits, we've been underindulgent when it comes to exercise.
But with so much time to prepare and many disagreements left unresolved, the full-scale production turned out predictably bland, overindulgent, and fuzzy on details.
And so we have yet another overindulgent waxwing story to add to the compendium of overindulgent waxwing stories in our family.
Experts have theorized that this mindset of entitlement comes from being raised in a politically correct, overindulgent and overprotective environment that awards gold stars and trophies just for showing up.
If McMansions were the trademark of the overindulgent '80s and '90s, the not-so-big house may be the symbol of a generation that is slowing down, considering the earth's resources and doing what it can to preserve them.
Of course I found it stupidly romantic, but I was also moved by that potentially Mills & Boon, trite, overindulgent sentimentality.
It was overindulgent, overbearing and--at two and half minutes--over-long.