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The Province House is constructed of brick, which seems recently to have been overlaid with a coat of light-colored paint.
He donned his goodly armour overlaid with bronze, and hasted through the city as fast as his feet could take him.
For five - seven - eighteen - forty years it was in my mind that the Old Law was not well followed; being overlaid, as thou knowest, with devildom, charms, and idolatry.
That again got overlaid by the sans-facon of a grande dame of the Second Empire.
They had communities of knowledge, "their" knowledge (this discriminating possessive was always on her lips) of presences of the other age, presences all overlaid, in his case, by the experience of a man and the freedom of a wanderer, overlaid by pleasure, by infidelity, by passages of life that were strange and dim to her, just by "Europe" in short, but still unobscured, still exposed and cherished, under that pious visitation of the spirit from which she had never been diverted.