overly confident

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The Eagles host Allardyce's Sunderland tonight but, while the Black Cats are 19th, Pardew is not feeling overly confident.
The Eagles are getting ready to host Allardyce's Sunderland tonight but, while the Black Cats are 19th in the table, Pardew is not feeling overly confident.
He can't get overly confident or sure of himself because his main job is to keep the ball out of the back of his net.
And the former Irish centurion puts it down to Scotland's players and manager getting overly confident.
We may be overly confident," Mettee says, "but, with thousands more merchants selling e-books, we think there is a chance this program will kick-start a new growth in e-book sales.
A new survey shows consumers are overly confident about their diets and essential nutrient intake.
Coutinho with Downing He takes it in his stride - he doesn't get too big headed, he doesn't get overly confident with any-thing.
NEW YORK -- Rainn Wilson knows he'll be remembered as Dwight Schrute, the odd, overly confident character lacking social graces that he played on NBC's "The Office'' for nine seasons.
More Hilarious "Overly Confident Man" Lebanese Memes The overly confident man has taken his pomp to a new level of meme studliness.
I wouldn't say they're going down overly confident - maybe in hope more so than expectation.
I think we're still an inexperienced team and our level of consistency means I wouldn't say I was overly confident about putting together a string of results," said Crutchley, who will turn 44 two days before their first match.
And although we're not overly confident in ourselves we're confident we can compete and if we can produce the form we showed in parts tonight and over the last three games, we'll be tough nut to crack," added McIntosh.