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the habitual and overmastering sense of oppression and wrong"
In its largest sense, the Tale teaches a lesson about the impossibility of constraining either people or events to the kind of overmastering that characterizes chivalry" (131).
Blank, stating that "[a confidential relationship] appears when the circumstances make it certain the parties do not deal on equal terms, but, on the one side there is an overmastering influence, or, on the other, weakness, dependence or trust, justifiably reposed.
A year after her death, the North American Review was asserting that Aurora Leigh "was written, not by Elizabeth Barrett, but by Browning's wife," and made of the epic tale simply a "story of love, as it lay concealed in the heart of a woman, to rise in overmastering strength at the fulness of time.
The tenth meaning is `An eager outreaching of the mind towards something; an overmastering zeal or enthusiasm for a special object; a vehement predilection'.
The overmastering spills into the dramatic narrative at the crucial moment of the play within the play Instead of letting his "mousetrap catch the conscience of the King," Hamlet rants and rages onto the stage, dominating the players, the assembled court, and the dumbfounded Claudius.
And of course we can't help wondering whether poor Isabel isn't entering an acute phase, perhaps of schizophrenia, in which everything she sees is simply going to be subordinated to her overmastering delusional system, although there does seem "objectively" to be enough that the village folk feel is queer about the family, its history and its house, for us to be confident that Isabel is not merely rearranging (or creating) reality and being sucked down into the maelstrom of madness like Karin in the Bergman film I've already mentioned.
It must yield to the overmastering need, so vital in our polity, of preserving thai by jury in its purity against the inroads of corruption.
The persistence of a tradition, especially one that is inimical to the long-range goals of those involved in it, usually requires that it serve some deeply felt, if dimly understood, immediate, and overmastering need.
But the speaking of joy is so loud in this poem, the sound of the word "joy" (gioi) rebounds through the poem with such ecstatic volubility, that the poe n gives way to an overmastering emotion.
As I've said before, the trial lawyer is the shield and the buffer of the individual against overweaning, overmastering power, public and private.
86) Such an appointment, no doubt, was favoured by Lloyd George as it would have allowed him to slide through several dilemmas if the scheme proved workable: most importantly, it would allow him to run the war in the east through a single, overmastering local agent without having to work through a C.