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Sydney: A former sailor was jailed Monday for more than three years after overpowering a guard and stealing a cache of weapons from an Australian navy vessel.
It was overpowering too - a little spray went a long, long way at first but the scent faded relatively quickly.
The practice often has a deleterious effect markets in developing countries, overpowering local producers or discouraging expanded agricultural development.
The taste was not overpowering, it really was just a delicate hint
If an object is big, it may seem strong or even overpowering.
People kneel in the presence of overpowering mystery.
At first I found the fragrance a little overpowering but once it had settled down a bit it had a lovely sweet smell.
He raped a second girl, also 14, after overpowering her.
NEW PC Cathy Bradford (Connie Hyde) makes an immediate impression after overpowering a thug who has escaped the clutches of Sergeant Craig Gilmore (Hywel Simons) and made a run for it.
One camp of theorists emphasizes the importance of ordinary physics, and the other camp points to the extraordinary tails of male peacocks and barn swallows as examples of sexy fashions overpowering sensible aerodynamics.
The cumulative effect was dizzying, as if news, commercials, and cartoons were being broadcast in one overpowering barrage.
Six prisoners, all handcuffed in pairs, escaped from a prison bus after overpowering a police officer last night.