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But a tour of the modern family's current challenges suggests they are directly connected to the narcissism Lasch described in the 1970s, as is the overpraised, overscheduled child whose major influences are not his parents, but his television, his computer, his video games, his service providers, and his peers.
James Anderson has been overpraised for his return from the wilderness, but eight overs for 67 in Indore show how inconsistent he is - remember that he started with similarly unacceptable figures in the first match in Delhi.
isn't quite as overpraised by critics as it is underappreciated by audiences; cast and creators try to sort that inequity out.
Overpraised, overhyped and overrated, no-one has admitted that towards the end, Stan could be very boring indeed.
As part of the Berners Revival, Weidenfeld and Nicolson has just brought out a new edition, at a reasonable price, of his enjoyable but much overpraised autobiography, First Childhood ([pounds]12.
Wildly overpraised fishmonger Lola Saunders knew exactly how to press all the buttons.
Albion should not be written off when they lose but nor should they be overpraised when they win.
If anything on this film is overpraised, it is the screenplay, which works smartly at the beginning as it details the brilliant Nash's breakdown.
Too many mediocre kids being wildly overpraised by four gushing judges who suffocated us with an avalanche of nauseating superlatives.
March of the Penguins (U) Overpraised but still wonderful documentary about the mating rituals of the Emperor penguins and their annual trek to the remote Antarctic to breed.
During which we'll no doubt be bombarded by more wildly overpraised below-average pub warblers and their irrelevant sob stories.
It's somewhat overpraised for what is essentially a well acted but unevenly paced, overlong and slightly didactic adolescent rebellion and self-discovery comedy-drama dressed up as socio-political treatise on freedom and activism.