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But a tour of the modern family's current challenges suggests they are directly connected to the narcissism Lasch described in the 1970s, as is the overpraised, overscheduled child whose major influences are not his parents, but his television, his computer, his video games, his service providers, and his peers.
While some of these poets were to be overpraised for extraliterary reasons by a West-German press, and others were to be damned for association with the GDR's internal security services, a few figures of real talent emerged from that politically confused time, and not all of them youngsters.
The other is the histrionic, ranting, overpraised wordsmith; drunkard, cadger, thief and womaniser, who finally got what he deserved; the Americans would call it his come-uppance.
Not that Empson was unaware of that; on the contrary, he was very ready to admit that his poems had been overpraised, and that the postwar failure of his inspiration had been a blessing.
Still, Ghost World gets points for avoiding the calculated, prefab cynicism characteristic of overpraised films like American Beauty, on the one hand, and Happiness, on the other.
Bishop has probably been a bit overpraised for her reticence and modesty, and somewhat under-praised, under-appreciated for her artistic ruthlessness, for her endless heroic observations that suddenly give way and swerve off into the unknown.
The new title suggests a different approach to the work: that it should be considered as within the subgenre of the academic novel and thus compared, say, with Lucky Jim, Kingsley Amis's somewhat overpraised work of a generation earlier.
Figures of genuine value may be relegated and minor figures overpraised.
Over the years, critics who believe this have consistently overpraised "affirmative" novels that quickly fade into well-deserved obscurity and have argued against the merits of works of real genius.
On the Bookshelf has skimmed, jested, spoilered, misdiagnosed, unfavorably juxtaposed, belittled, overpraised, obfuscated, approximated, nitpicked, and given attention where no attention was due.
The Agency backed Tenet for its director because he had overpraised and overfunded it when he served on the staff of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.
Overpraised for the then-hip, now-dated use of pseudo-science in "Pi," and for the visual excess he deployed in the grungy "Requiem," helmer Aronofsky has been attached to and then detached from various big-budget studio projects over the last few years, including "Batman Begins" and "The Watchman.