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Sir Patrick entered on the question of the merits of the partridge, viewed as an eatable bird, "By himself, Arnold--plainly roasted, and tested on his own merits--an overrated bird.
I have not overrated my interest," he said, pointing to a little slip of paper in his hand.
Similar questions had vexed him from infancy, and at Oxford he had learned to say that the importance of human beings has been vastly overrated by specialists.
Osborne had been furnished during her life at Brompton) he told her an Eastern fable of the Owl who thought that the sunshine was unbearable for the eyes and that the Nightingale was a most overrated bird.
The main body of the building is of the time of that highly- overrated woman, Queen Elizabeth.
Every- thing was stupid and overrated, even as Captain Giles was.
Rose had by no means overrated the measure of the good doctor's wrath.
And after some more talk we agreed that the wisdom of rats had been grossly overrated, being in fact no greater than that of men.
While the most overrated jobs may have high salary potential, excitement and glamour, there are trade-offs to working in these professions that can include long hours, high pressure and stiff competition for positions or clients.
Although he is agreeable to a certain extent with the duo, Chappell, however, said that he believed that experience is overrated, as a lot of players who have been around for any length of time and are still not progressing in their own game may not be the right players at all.
Garcia's father Angel said: "Khan is an overrated fighter.
Jackson claimed Greene made the comments about the Americans being overrated at the world championships press conference last year in South Korea.