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In mass merchants and home centers, there's a lot of overlapping of product, and sales bases are deteriorating because of that oversaturation," president Dan Carden says.
Brands' KFC chains have changed their focus from domestic expansion to international expansion due to domestic oversaturation of their restaurants.
The phone comes with great colour reproduction; however wide viewing angle and oversaturation problem persist.
But oversaturation, coupled with fractiousness within the African- American community, soon led to blaxploitation's decline as well as subsequent decades of marginalizing black actors in film and TV.
The Alphabet web's delivery of 18- to 49-year-olds fell 18% in 2000-01 because of an oversaturation of "Millionaire.
LOS ANGELES -- "As the Mideast conflict continues with nonstop coverage of disturbing images and sounds of war, the oversaturation of war coverage can translate into fearful feelings in children experiencing war anxieties of their own," according to Robert R.
Bloomberg and Braun joked that they had wagered on when the question would come regarding the oversaturation of ``Millionaire'' last season, but they insisted their decision was the right one.
NEW YORK While the narrative film acquisitions scene feels the pinch of oversaturation and lower box office, the IFP Market will kick off its 22nd edition with a new name and heightened sense of its value as a source for documentary acquisitions.
Zeba's 'bound water' does not cause an oversaturation of water around the root structure, which can be damaging to plant roots.
Even though, the colours are vivid and zippy on the display, the viewing angles and oversaturation are note-worthy problem areas.
But gradual oversaturation (Stine turned out a book a month), marketing gaffes and wayward distribution, which had the titles selling everywhere from gas stations to music stores, took its toll, and the Stine market collapsed.
It could suffer somewhat from oversaturation, though.