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He accused those in power of making it hard for judges to reject overseeing the referendum.
Sarbanes-Oxley put increased focus on the relationship between the company, the audit committee and the outside auditors and made clear the audit committee, not management, is responsible for overseeing a company's relationship with the outside auditor.
Mitchell also served as director of franchise operations for Popeye's during this period of time, responsible for business planning and overseeing operations for 1,400 franchised units.
In his new position, Leibler is responsible for the implementation of the firm's strategic initiatives and for overseeing all aspects of its business operations.
Responsibilities: Hall is responsible for overseeing its dealer development program, which includes enhancing the focus on minority dealer operations, strengthening relationships within Ford's minority dealership network.
I don't think you can draw valid conclusions from studies taken by the polluter and for the polluter,'' said Joe Lyou, a member of the Santa Susana Field Lab Work Group overseeing cleanup at the site.
Currently, his responsibilities include overseeing a variety of projects, including a 500,000 square-foot office building in Brooklyn, 9 MetroTech Center South, and the design of a new school, P.
Baker will remain chief executive officer of EBC, overseeing the company and Shapiro's transition for a year's time.
Bringing with her 17 years of management experience - 11 of which were in the real estate industry - Tanenbaum will be responsible for overseeing Cheshire's newly-instituted internal closing department, as well as assisting in directing sales at several of the firm's cooperative communities located throughout the metropolitan area, according to Susan Hewitt, Cheshire's president.
Duswalt's areas of responsibility are conceptualizing and writing copy for major accounts, as well as overseeing and editing all copy.
Carol Holzhauer has been promoted from Regional Vice President to Senior Vice President of Local Long Form Sales, overseeing all long form sales for ION's 60 owned and operated stations.