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Some people became so oversensitive to the risk of of fending SOMEONE they feared upsetting ANYONE.
Call me oversensitive, but I don't need to hear that I'm too hairy (as one fella pointed out).
Organizers have also issued a manual (A Guide to Chinese Law for Foreigners Coming to, Leaving, or Staying in China During the Olympics) whose original version was derogatory toward athletes with disabilities who will be participating in the Paralympic Games in September, stating that such people "can be stubborn and controlling, unsocial or oversensitive .
I think people have realised the the FSA approach is oversensitive to the precautionary principle," he said.
Leave it to a myopically focused sports columnist such as Kevin Modesti to conclude that Milton Bradley ``seemed to be speaking sincerely about serious subjects that deserve not to be brushed aside as the rantings of an oversensitive hothead.
Her eyes were oversensitive to light as a result of the strokes.
Journalists are not by nature oversensitive to bad language.
Benjamin, a country boy, works as a cab-driver for his uncle night and day, partly to support himself and Stella, and partly to kill the boredom in his passionless, though not loveless, relationship with Stella, an oversensitive, somewhat depressive, and introverted woman, whom the reader gets to know primarily through extracts from her diary.
s White House a tad oversensitive about press treatment of the president?
The educated clergy of her study were trained to be inference hunters; Ferrell's considerable achievement is to re-enter their mental world, which was to other tastes, then as now, overwrought and oversensitive.
As Lee tinkered with the oversensitive gizmo back in Mississippi, lab conversation drifted to speculation on whether fire ants make noises and what they'd sound like if they did.
The devices also are not prone to illness or becoming oversensitive to certain odors.