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It took us with such a fury, that it overset the boat at once; and separating us as well from the boat as from one another, gave us no time to say, "O God
He used all the caution that he was able in letting me know a thing which it would have been a double cruelty to have concealed; and yet it was too much for me; for as grief had overset me before, so did joy overset me now, and I fell into a much more dangerous swooning than I did at first, and it was not without a great difficulty that I was recovered at all.
A very small measure will overset him; he may be bowled off his unsteady legs with a half-pint pot.
But there were so many chances against them in all these cases, such as storms, to overset and founder them; rains and cold, to benumb and perish their limbs; contrary winds, to keep them out and starve them; that it must have been next to miraculous if they had escaped.
Yet, in the most of all these distractions, the one eye was upon the old lady always, and if she so much as stealthily advanced a tea-spoon towards a neighbouring glass (which she often did), for the purpose of abstracting but one sup of its sweet contents, Quilp's hand would overset it in the very moment of her triumph, and Quilp's mocking voice implore her to regard her precious health.
Realism: Partial wrapping and extended overset mesh capabilities deliver a new level of realism in modeling more detailed systems and sophisticated motions.
The author of the Report pays special attention to the way in which the two regional organisations--the Little Entente and the Balkan Entente--are regarded by British politicians, who consider they "are being called on to play a progressively more significant role in the issue of maintaining peace" and "the Little Entente is meant to replace the States that overset the system of the Eastern pact designed by Messrs.
Throughout The Storm, the reader receives various, but more or less duplicate, descriptions of the havoc: church towers topple, houses are demolished, chimney stacks are ripped away, barns torn to pieces, trees blown down or broken off in the middle, haystacks scattered, windmills overset, stone walls leveled, cattle killed, ships stranded or dashed to pieces, sea walls forced down, and people drowned or carried away by floods.
One of the primary impediments to producing high-quality single oysters destined for the half-shell market is the unwanted fouling of the grow-out product, often by wild oyster spat resulting from naturally high levels of oyster recruitment, a phenomenon referred to as overset.
The ability to simulate multiphase models with overset meshes opens up the possibility to address problems such as ice buildup on aircraft wing flaps or spray painting.
Ralph Waldo Emerson writes that "Character is centrality, the impossibility of being displaced or overset.
The Brazil-England game and the opening of the Confederations Cup two weeks have been overset by a bunch of problems like cost overruns and delays in building stadiums and related infrastructure over recent years.