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If we do overspend, which now looks likely, and not to the tune of a couple of million pounds but around PS200million, the least worst consequence of that is the Treasury will take whatever much we overspend off our Budget next year.
Mental health services were currently predicted to overspend by pounds 181,138 to pounds 2,671,148.
The board heard that nursing budget overspends this year have reached pounds 3m and that pounds 620,000 has been overspent on primary care drugs.
Education officials forecast an overspend of pounds 313,000, mainly because of an increase in school transport costs and a deficit on community nurseries.
The biggest overspend up to June comes in the clinical supplies and services division (pounds 279,000) which has an annual budget of pounds 3.
We have identified areas which could potentially give us an overspend.
The social services committee is likely to overspend by pounds 4.
Men, on average, go pounds no4 into the red, while women overspend by pounds 178.
Despite the current overspends in three directorates, the overall position indicates a potential surplus of PS309,000, as compared to the balanced position previously reported in month four.
However, each organisation has robust plans in place to pull back these overspends, although we would expect it to take some months before we begin to see a substantial reduction in the current levels of expenditure.
However, these are being partially offset by actions to redesign services which are expected to reduce the projected overspend to pounds 1.
However, there are other overspends and we need to establish why they were allowed.