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Cardiff council's adult services budget is overspent by PS3.
A snapshot of four random months in 2013 and 2014 found that the health service in Wales could have overspent by as much as PS358,869.
MANILA -- Expect more disqualifications of "more than a hundred" candidates who overspent in the 2013 national and local elections, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) said following the Supreme Court's (SC) decision upholding the disqualification of Laguna Governor Emilio Ramon "ER" Ejercito.
Health minister Lesley Griffiths has said there will be no bailout for overspent health boards.
The Adults and Communities Directorate also overspent by pounds 812,000 on professional fees for the pounds 44 million special care centres programme.
During the first three months of this year the budget was overspent by pounds 42,000.
In County Durham, senior officers say their budget for powering the 78,000 street lights and 5,500 illuminated traffic signs could be overspent by pounds 600,000.
Education, social services and regeneration are among departments in Newcastle which could be overspent by the end of the financial year in April.
Government figures show more than 150 NHS organisations - one in five - have overspent by a total of pounds 718million.
The new audit is a follow-up to ones conducted in 2000 and 2001 that found park officials overspent their budget by $3 million and ``cooked the books'' to hide the overspending.
When asked why they overspent so much, 94 per cent of Scots admitted having a 'carefree attitude to money' on holiday.
THE healthcare trust responsible for looking after patients in Nuneaton and Bedworth has overspent its budget by almost pounds 500,000 in just four months.