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calmly in the eye, with a smile of satisfaction and triumph overspreading his features.
Things that hurt brushability include brushmarks (striations) that do not flow out, sagging, high brush drag that makes brushing difficult, and low brush drag that makes brushing so easy that overspreading of the paint occurs.
However, this would have increased the risk of overspreading effects from the interview into the questionnaire answers.
Ray DeLong, President and owner of a company called Environmental Land Management, stresses the importance of not overspreading byproducts.
Possible causes are use of lower quality paint that has inadequate adhesion and flexibility; overthinning or overspreading the paint; inadequate surface preparation; applying the paint to bare wood without first applying a primer, or excessive hardening and embrittlement of solvent-based paint as the paint job ages.
The man, reeling from the power of Forrest's curse, was in a state of shock, with his eyes "fixed, his mouth open and a death-like paleness overspreading his face.