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The FDA said slides from Novartis for Focalin XR overstated the drug's efficacy and broadened its approved uses.
As a result, James' net worth is overstated by approximately $10,600 (excess of the inflated values over those according to Kelley's Blue Book).
The final proof the value assigned the covenant was overstated was the parties' failure to allocate anything to the intangible assets, which the appraiser had given such a high value.
The department said the guarantee period for the overstated cars will be shortened by 10 to 25 days because the days of purchase were advanced.
In a nutshell: Arthur Miller's cathartic but overstated confrontation between two angst-filled middle-age brothers is brought to riveting life by A Noise Within veterans Geoff Elliott and Robertson Dean.
The suit sought recovery of damages allegedly suffered by investors because the company's 1986 financial statements overstated the company's net income.
During the Class Period, Par overstated its income by at least $55 million; (ii) that Par was failing to timely write-down the value of impaired inventory.
It is also alleged that Allou had materially overstated its inventory by approximately $35 million thereby overstating its net worth.
in a long-awaited audit, said Wednesday that it overstated earnings by $188 million over a two-year period, and cited hefty restructuring charges as it reported a $2.
Block charges that government and private econometricians have consistently overstated inflation and understated productivity, savings, and economic growth.
The insurer sued Touche, alleging it had overstated revenue and gross margins for the construction company's work in progress and, in general, had overstated the company's net worth.
Accordingly, the company overstated its earnings by failing to comply with GAAP in recording its noncash growth.