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Supermarket chain Tesco have suspended another three executives amid the investigation into its recent PS250m overstatement of profit expectations
Is an overstatement of basis an omission from gross income extending the assessment limitation period?
1968), that an overstatement of basis could be an overstatement of income for purposes of the statute of limitation where there was a fundamental misstatement of the nature of an item reported in a tax return.
Counting cookies provides useful information, but without correction for cookie deletion this methodology can lead to potential overstatement in audience counts and as a consequence has been traditionally unable to arrive at an accurate person-level solution.
Cadbury said it expected its Nigerian arm to report operating losses of between pounds 5m and pounds 10m this year and pay a one-off charge of pounds 55m to pounds 60m for the overstatement.
The firm said the overstatement related to Cadbury Nigeria's current and prior financial years.
As the protagonist, Mary Jane Johnson was in fresher voice than in some other appearances with the company, while her acting avoided overstatement and communicated the obsessive intensity implied in the role.
Booming might be an overstatement, but most people agree that Bridgeport is moving in the right direction.
I find it to be a gross overstatement on anybody's part to say that our [New York] members are howling because the system is finally doing what it's supposed to and punishing nursing homes," says Minnix.
The FTB mails taxpayers an RIN if there is an error on a balance-due return, such as an overstatement of an estimated tax payment.
Ambassador to China Joseph Prueher said Wednesday recent tension across the Taiwan Strait was not a precursor to war and labeled jitters that rocked Taiwanese stock prices ''a bit of an overstatement.