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Sky television went on to show eight examples of Australia's Mitchell Johnson overstepping without being called, leading to a number of commentators suggesting the TV umpire should assume the job.
Basra (NINA) - Member of Oil and Energy Parliamentary Committee, Uday Awad, accused the Government of Kurdistan Region of overstepping the Constitution by exporting oil to Turkey; describing Turkey of being a corrupt country that tries to harm Iraq-s sovereignty.
Global Banking News-February 25, 2013--Hungary's central bank governor denies overstepping authority(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
It is glaringly obvious that knocking off the bails should be deemed an offence the equivalent of overstepping the crease.
Overstepping by any institution was harmful for the country.
Italy have a reputation for overstepping the mark, as well as luring their opponents into doing the same.
He and other supporters of the repository have accused Reid of overstepping his power by refusing to allow Yucca legislation to come for a vote, and they argue that safety concerns have been blown out of proportion and politicized.
It also rejected the idea that Judge Jones was overstepping the bounds of his authority.