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Any attempt to continue expansion at this rate would lead to inflationary overstrain.
overstrain and collapse and to the invasion of the mind by a vision of
The tools that we operated so easily yesterday now seemed like weights, heavy enough to cause us to overstrain ourselves.
The symptoms are always the same - cash starvation, overstrain, then amputation of jobs and vital functions.
Stress can overstrain the endocrine (ductless) glands of which the adrenals are important members, and this in turn can cause digestive upset and the slowing down or even stopping of coprophagy.
One often underestimated aspect of trans-Atlantic cooperation is the extent to which Western European governments and resettlement countries cooperated to ensure that refugee movements would not overstrain fragile postwar European economies and social structures.
The spectre of budget overstrain frowned down from the one head, the cold threat of obsolete technology from the other.
The Global Biosimilars industry has witnessed a number of product launches and mergers & acquisitions in the past few years, as a result of the overstrain experienced due to rising healthcare costs, expensive drugs, aging population and pharma expenditure.
But being motionless is good as doctors advise not to exert yourself or overstrain yourself too much when you are fasting, especially during the hot summer month.
She does not overstrain or exaggerate, and the fact that Czech is not her mother tongue is only revealed slightly and in the case of a few syllables.
Diseases, chronic fatigue, overstrain, and constant malnutrition constituted the conditions under which ordinary Russian children made everyday choices (Aronovich 1920, 684).
6 construction the workers may also suffer overstrain or inconvenient position.