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Stick' simulates several hundred attacks per second, thus completely overstraining conventional Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), which have actually been designed to identify and warn against such attacks.
Globalisation, material flows, ecosystem degradation and overstraining the environmental policy would go hand in hand with increasing uncertainties and risks, putting the co-evolution between man, culture and nature (Norgaard, 1994) under more complex stress with signs of unpredictable chaos and order (Prigogine/Stengers, 1994).
Therefore, it is important that the applied stress be carefully monitored or controlled during installation to avoid overstraining the liner.
She warned against overstraining the resources of Europe's biggest economy, saying: "Germany is putting this strength and this power to use for the wellbeing of people, not just in Germany but also to help European unity and the global economy.
reported that the industry's business status has bottomed out and the market has strong demand for high-quality and high-efficiency products, overstraining capacity.
Such a situation may lead to the financial overstraining of the respective social system, preventable by the implementation of new technology in the assistance process.
The denial of every possibility of divine intervention in history makes God an "uncertain horizon" of subjective thinking, and this leads to a moral overstraining of the Christian message (77).
I find it relaxing and all of the muscles get exercised without overstraining.
The rapid popularity of smart phones and mobile Internet cards in recent two years has greatly augmented the traffic of wireless Internet access, overstraining the capacities of 3G networks.
Clients have also rushed to Powercom and Cyber Power for procurement of UPS, whose demand surged in Japan, overstraining the capacities of local suppliers.