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The Viscoplasticity Theory Based on Overstress is a constitutive, state variable model that is based on the hypothesis that the specimen serves as an integrator of all internal deformation associated events/mechanisms.
The authors are promoting a technique called "multiple environment overstress tests," or MEOST, which they claim "can dramatically improve reliability right at the design stage, in hours, instead of waiting months and years to confirm unreliability in the field.
If we overstress transcendence or otherness, God ceases to have any effective place in our lives.
One method is based on the plastic theory; another theory is based on the overstress theory.
He advises his staff not to overstress benefits, but instead to be up-front and straightforward.
com) of Gistel has been selected by Analog Devices (ADI) to develop a library of on-chip electrostatic discharge and electrical overstress (ESD/EOS) clamps based on its PowerQubic([R]) technology for ADI devices with 60V interfaces.
Under the program, TSMC will provide IP Alliance partners with Calibre PERC rule decks that perform reliability checks designed to address customers advanced circuit verification needs for electrostatic discharge (ESD), electrical overstress (EOS), signals crossing multiple power domains, advanced ERC, and other reliability concerns.
Take frequent breaks during shoveling so you don't overstress your heart.
I cannot overstress how wrong and misleading this statement is.
Applying too much torque to the end connector bolt will overstress the bolt and the end connector.
I don't, with the blowing of my own and my colleagues' trumpets, want to overstress the importance of this.
There is no need to overstress the publicity in recent years.