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Most manufacturers are of the opinion that an engineered chair, or one whose design had to be changed to assure adequate structural stability or reduce overstressed points, would not be pleasing to the eye.
Sulamith compared teaching to the work of a doctor, prescribing movement for the relaxation of overstressed muscles.
During the last decade, more and more students have been diagnosed as overstressed or treated for depression while still in high school.
Sadly, puppies and massages--even group therapy and biofeedback, as enlightened as these services are--are not going to save a generation of overwrought, overstressed, compulsive, perfectionistic, substance- and self-abusing young people who have lost sight of the true purpose of college, as have their parents.
First doctors and nurses, then teachers overstressed and underpaid, thenfirefighters so desperate they are driven to industrial action.
By detecting areas of abnormal temperature, infrared thermographic testing can be used to pinpoint weaknesses within process applications, find overstressed mechanical equipment and diagnose problem areas to determine their severity in electrical systems, mechanical equipment, roofs and building envelopes.
Researchers have found that a protein produced by an overstressed heart muscle appears to be a strong indicator of underlying cardiovascular disease, providing physicians a new tool to detect trouble before symptoms surface.
People who are overstressed tend to misidentify what success really means and use it to help alleviate what they perceive are judgments from others.
This means that reporting units are no longer reliant upon an overstressed central finance function to handle reconciliation, and the corporate level can trust the individual units to do it quickly and accurately.
In sequences that don't quite manage to nail either the drama or the quirkiness, Moran's courtroom is taken hostage by a juror overstressed by his inability to smoke in the courthouse.
Is the fact that Americans want everything cheaper, [resulting in] overworked and overstressed workers [the problem]?