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We urge tenants attending an open house viewing, or who are seriously considering submitting a secret bid, to have a budget in mind, stick to their limit and not be tempted to overstretch themselves just to secure their desired property.
So I believe this side should go in exactly the same fashion and overstretch themselves.
The most visible symptom of overstretch, however, is its effects on the Guard and Reserves, who make up a little less than half of the Pentagon's available personnel and two-thirds of the Army's.
The word overstretch implies that what we are doing now is not sustainable.
On the other hand, there is also such a thing as imperial overstretch.
3Don't overstretch yourself - don't tackle a fancy Gordon Ramsay meal for your first attempt as it won't work.
Shelter also partially blamed the problem on irresponsible mortgage lending, saying banks and building societies were allowing people to overstretch themselves, forcing them to turn to credit cards just to stay afloat.
Spiralling house prices, created by a desperate shortage of housing, are forcing more families to overstretch themselves to get on the property ladder.
They are about to embark and they are on their third term of duty in the last 18 months and that is overstretch by any definition.