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Our forces will be overstretched in Afghanistan - and worse if other areas of conflict crop up - Jeff Carroll, left, who spent 13 years in the Army and now runs a military shop in Guisborough "
Those in favour, including Coventry North east MP Bob Ainsworth, argue demand for passenger and freight trains will continue to grow and, without HS2, the West Coast mainline would be completely overstretched by 2020.
Army and Marine Corps may be overstretched in Iran and Afghanistan, but an air attack on Iranian nuclear sites would be handled by the Air Force and Navy, which are currently not very busy.
United Nations peacekeeping is clearly overstretched.
Defence chiefs insisted yesterday that British forces are not overstretched but admitted it is "very hard to say" how close that point now is.
If a leg ligament is overstretched, Gyrotonics works to strengthen the energy connection through the center of the body including the abdominals.
But the reporter certainly didn't "plant" the enthusiastic response of the assembled soldiers to Wilson's question, which potently described a significant source of frustration for our overstretched, under-equipped troops.
The union said its 14, 000 members who worked as retained fire fighters were seriously overstretched at a time when 999 calls had hit record levels.
If their efficacy in vivo is validated by clinical trials, use of these conventional drugs would not only reduce the load on overstretched health care budgets but reduce the use of vancomycin, therefore decreasing the risk of isolates continuing to develop vancomycin resistance.
This very common condition, which involves an inflamed or overstretched ligament running along the bottom of the foot from the heel to the base of the toes, requires that you stop running before the symptoms begin.
This is largely owing to variables such as overstretched infrastructure and the uncertain nature and direction of economic development and financial stability over the next five years
The discussion with Nouvel about Duchamp is interesting, but otherwise these merely recycle the already rather overstretched and repetitive material in the main chapters.