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The Wocket team will choose the oldest, most uncomfortable and most overstuffed wallets to win one of 10 Signature Series Wocket smart wallets and $150 MasterCard gift card prize pack.
Reading it while waiting for my computer to warm up, so I could get a head start on my overstuffed week.
Sometimes invited in by the hoarders themselves, but also by loved ones, social workers, co-op boards, or landlords, Disaster Masters launches fast, immediate assaults on chronically overstuffed domestic environments, and offers counseling and aftercare.
Cockroaches, mice, and rats thrive in multifamily dwellings, where excessive moisture, structural cracks and crevices, abundant food sources, crowded apartments, and overstuffed closets provide nutrition and shelter for pests.
RSS is a marvelously elegant and simple way to subscribe to both blogs and news feeds and have every update pushed to your desktop without having to navigate the e-mail/spam jungle of overstuffed inboxes and filters.
Or retire to your room and snuggle into your queen- or king-size bed, dressed with fluffy, overstuffed pillows and a plush down comforter--the perfect haven after an exhilarating, but exhausting, day.
But because Chipotle (partially owned by McDonald's) doesn't reveal calories or other nutrition information, most people wouldn't have a clue that the vegetarian burrito is the equivalent of an overstuffed corned beef sandwich--plus 350 calories.
The design competition was launched after an initial set of plans, released in July, was derided as boring and overstuffed with office space.
Give me Babe, State Fair (the Dana Andrews version, sigh), and an overstuffed bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich, and I'm putty in anyone's hands.
It is propagated to be flat, and the indentation in the center gives it a distinctive donut-like appearance, albeit an overstuffed one, since there is no actual hole.
You need chairs for guests to sit in," says Jackson, "but very posh, overstuffed sofas are inappropriate.
This show is seriously overstuffed with news in every category-hardware, software, materials, and additives.