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Molybdenum concentrates oversupplied situation pushed down the price.
Abu Dhabi's residential market is likely to be oversupplied over the next two years due to fresh supply in the market.
I think this new capacity can be handled by the market, which by that time may not be so oversupplied.
Palladium is strongly oversupplied, and usage of palladium will remain strong in the coming years,
That would certainly help things in the notoriously fragmented and oversupplied industry.
will issue new bonds spurred worries that the market will be oversupplied, traders said.
Cost containment cannot cure an oversupplied market, nor can moving capacities from one company to another.
Materials must be usefull oversupplied by the contractor to ensurement the smooth performance of thesis works.
Summary: Oil was up in Asian trade on Monday as a completed US pipeline expansion project reduced oversupplied US inventory stocks, giving oil futures a positive nudge, analysts said.
At least five districts in the emirate of Abu Dhabi are severely underserved in terms of medical service provision, while a number of other areas could potentially be oversupplied, say senior health officials.
The market is now oversupplied with ships due to the abundance of cheap money following the financial crisis.
Summary: Oversupplied though the office market may be, a combination of attractive office space deals, good regional location, and a smaller supply pipeline should be keeping those in the industry upbeat.