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Some members tried to place the over 30m bpb ceiling for the group's output to legitimize their oversupply.
He said oversupply in the oil market continued to be a concern, not least considering the uncertainty about when the adjustment process kicks off in earnest.
And where there is perceived oversupply, investors are hardly likely to get the return on investments.
generators to stay online during oversupply events by using excess wind
The commercial market in general suffers from oversupply and is forecast to undergo limited growth in the short term; our in-country sources and latest data collection do not contradict this long-held view in light of the dynamic supply pipeline.
Candy's comments follow a report by estate agency Savills that warned of oversupply in central London after a flood of investment and new developments all seeking to charge current prices.
There probably isn't a massive oversupply of those types of buildings (affordable housing stock)," Neill said.
Developers in the UAE will continue to take a cautious approach in the short-term in view of existing oversupply.
Recessionary fears and earlier higher prices led to a drop in demand, and the recent return of Chilean salmon and good Norwegian output has resulted in an oversupply in the market," he said.
Summary: Dubai's once-booming property market can expect more pain with oversupply likely to delay a price recovery in the Gulf emirate until 2016, ratings agency Moody's said Monday.
The country has oversupply of various agricultural products from time to time, Prime Minister Almazbek Atambaev said at the meeting of the government today.
United Arab Emirates developers and retailers are adding shopping mall space once again, powered by upcoming retail hub Abu Dhabi, but risks of oversupply are likely to persist, Colliers International said on Sunday.