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Public; open; manifest.

The term overt is used in Criminal Law in reference to conduct that moves more directly toward the commission of an offense than do acts of planning and preparation that may ultimately lead to such conduct.


adjective apertus, apparent, clear, definite, distinct, easily seen, evident, explicit, exposed, glaring, in full view, in plain sight, manifest, manifestus, noticeable, notorious, obvious, open, ostensible, palpable, patent, perceptible, perspicuous, plain, public, revealed, uncovered, undisguised, unhidden, visible
See also: apparent, blatant, candid, clear, comprehensible, conspicuous, evident, known, lucid, manifest, naked, obvious, open, ostensible, palpable, patent, pellucid, perceivable, perceptible, public, salient, scrutable, unmistakable



OVERT. Open. An overt act in treason is proof of the intention of the traitor, because it opens his designs; without an overt act treason cannot be committed. 2 Chit: Cr. Law, 40. An overt act then, is one which manifests the intention of the traitor, to commit treason. Archb. Cr. Pl. 379 4 Bl. Com. 79.
     2. The mere contemplation or intention to commit a crime; although a sin in the sight of heaven, is not an act amenable to human laws. The were speculative wantonness of a licentious imagination, however dangerous, or even sanguinary in its object, can in no case amount to a crime. But the moment that any overt act is manifest, the offender becomes amenable to the laws. Vide Attempt; Conspiracy, and Cro. Car. 577.

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in a similar study which included 25 overt hypothyroidism, reported statistically significant (P < 0.
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Further, we directly compared self-loving consumers with high self-efficacy to overt and covert narcissists, and revealed differences in purchase behavior among these groups.
Additionally, in Table 1 it can be seen that physical HRQoL was also statistically significant associated with overt discrimination but not with subtle discrimination.
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Recall this is not about developing overt at the expense of covert.
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Studies of hypnotic, covert and overt aversive techniques have yielded equivocal results when each has been examined for a singular effect on weight lost.
He added: "While we prefer overt police action as a visible deterrent to any covert operations, we certainly warmly welcome the commonsense approach taken towards minor offences.