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Public; open; manifest.

The term overt is used in Criminal Law in reference to conduct that moves more directly toward the commission of an offense than do acts of planning and preparation that may ultimately lead to such conduct.


adjective apertus, apparent, clear, definite, distinct, easily seen, evident, explicit, exposed, glaring, in full view, in plain sight, manifest, manifestus, noticeable, notorious, obvious, open, ostensible, palpable, patent, perceptible, perspicuous, plain, public, revealed, uncovered, undisguised, unhidden, visible
See also: apparent, blatant, candid, clear, comprehensible, conspicuous, evident, known, lucid, manifest, naked, obvious, open, ostensible, palpable, patent, pellucid, perceivable, perceptible, public, salient, scrutable, unmistakable



OVERT. Open. An overt act in treason is proof of the intention of the traitor, because it opens his designs; without an overt act treason cannot be committed. 2 Chit: Cr. Law, 40. An overt act then, is one which manifests the intention of the traitor, to commit treason. Archb. Cr. Pl. 379 4 Bl. Com. 79.
     2. The mere contemplation or intention to commit a crime; although a sin in the sight of heaven, is not an act amenable to human laws. The were speculative wantonness of a licentious imagination, however dangerous, or even sanguinary in its object, can in no case amount to a crime. But the moment that any overt act is manifest, the offender becomes amenable to the laws. Vide Attempt; Conspiracy, and Cro. Car. 577.

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For the purposes of the present study, an Overt Aggression scale was created by selecting only those items measuring overt forms of aggressive behavior.
1998), it was hypothesized that women who had a higher number of sex partners, more permissive sexual attitudes and more accepting attitudes toward sexually overt approach behaviours would be more likely to have had greater experience with sexually overt approach behaviours in singles bars.
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There was no significant difference seen in lipid parameters of subclinical and overt hypothyroidism subgroups.
Patients diagnosed with overt hypothyroidism with TSH level >6 [micro]IU/ml (laboratory serum reference ranges in adults: 0.
9) values were significantly raised in patients with overt hypothyroidism as compared to control group whereas HDL level (31.
Unlike Study 1, covert narcissism was excluded because the scenarios in Study 2 were public, and thus appropriate for examining overt narcissists.
T-test showed that there are non-significant differences in any of the analyzed variables (affect balance, satisfaction with life, overt discrimination, subtle discrimination and physical HRQoL) between both groups.
There is a need to identify and treat patients with SCR before they convert to overt hyperthyroidism and develop complications1, 4.
For the overt hypothyroid cases, TSH correlated well with AST and ALP and both ft3 and ft4 showed a positive correlation with albumin and a negative correlation with AST values (Table 6).
The classically Machiavellian argument is that deep reflective discussions about morals and ethics should be suspended from the cyber domain if effective deterrence is to be achieved through overt strategy.