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DO NOT overtake if there is any doubt, or where you cannot see far enough ahead to be sure it is safe.
Azerbaijan Grand Prix winner Ricciardo made 43 overtakes, including 13 at Silverstone where he went from 19th on the British GP starting grid to finish fifth.
The defendant told officers he had decided to overtake the Ford Mondeo because it was slowing down and had indicated to the left.
It seems to me that the decision he made to overtake was the wrong decision.
Amir Ahmed Kassim was killed after falling under the wheels of the 24-tonne HGV he was trying to overtake on Wentloog Avenue in August last year.
There is crash riskfor overtaking on two-lane highway because drivers need overtake on the opposing lane.
Global Banking News-July 3, 2015--India's HDFC expects mobile banking to overtake Internet banking
MGL Chapter 89 Section 2 says, "If it is not possible to overtake a bicycle or other vehicle at a safe distance in the same lane, the overtaking vehicle shall use all or part of an adjacent lane if it is safe to do so or wait for a safe opportunity to overtake.
Radars and surveillance cameras on Abu Dhabi city's intersections record hard shoulder overtaking violations, in addition to red light signal jumping, incorrect use of traffic lanes, stopping vehicles on pedestrian crossing, exceeding speed limits, They also capture violations by motorists who illegally overtake other vehicles at intersections, make impermissable turns or U-turns from the wrong lane.
27 ( ANI ): India will overtake Japan in 2028 to become the world's third largest economy, a new report has found.
Travel Business Review-October 21, 2013--Dubai to overtake Heathrow as world's busiest airport(C)2013] ENPublishing - http://www.
But as he tried to pull in he clipped the lorry he'd been trying to overtake and was flung into the path of the Morrison's HGV.