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The Hunter ran after him, as if he was sure of overtaking him, but the Horseman increased more and more the distance between them.
The whirl of the two bodies had already started, and still roaring, or bellowing, he pursued this whirl down the room, overtaking it when it fell to the floor.
Here we decided to halt, for we had had a hard day of it, and, if the truth were known, I think that we had all given up hope of overtaking the launch other than by the merest accident.
I was always amused when overtaking one of these great monsters, as it was quietly pacing along, to see how suddenly, the instant I passed, it would draw in its head and legs, and uttering a deep hiss fall to the ground with a heavy sound, as if struck dead.
Hence likewise he advised him, "to foresee, with equal certainty, the greater evils which were yet behind, and which were as sure as this of overtaking him in his state of reprobacy.
Vronsky had hardly formed the thought that he could perhaps pass on the outer side, when Frou-Frou shifted her pace and began overtaking him on the other side.
At last, having collected enough to keep life in him, he departed for Europe, and tracked his enemies from city to city, working his way in any menial capacity, but never overtaking the fugitives.
Mark Lewis, the IAM's director of standards, said: "We have no idea of the speed aspect of this clip, but regardless, the vehicle towing a trailer appears to follow the first overtaking vehicle on an overtake that is not safe.
They have produced a film to highlight the amount of space that should be given to cyclists when motorists are overtaking.
MANY motorists attempt risky overtaking, with men the main menace on the roads, according to a survey.
Prosecutor Ian Wright claims the overtaking manoeuvre by Rees was dangerous, alleging she did not check to see if the path ahead was clear.
BYKER Bridge is a 40mph zone, a main bus route and surely it is common sense for cyclists on this occasion to use the footpath (as indicated), as overtaking traffic cannot give them a wide enough berth for safety.