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The bottom line is that when the sale of the partnership interest itself yields ceiling rule distortions, not only are character conversions possible for the contributing and noncontributing partners, but also additional distortions (by way of overtaxation or undertaxation) may apply to the purchasing partner when the ceiling rule limited property is ultimately sold.
Madam Speaker, the first part of this legislation corrects several problems in the current tax law that could result in overtaxation of income earned by U.
For the most part, these issues were cast in a very negative light, playing on the public's fear of overtaxation, government waste, and environmental damage.
Overtaxation and wars brought on by Saxon Elector and Polish King Frederick August II, "the Strong" (r.
Size offered no safeguard and protectionism was no protection against overregulation and overtaxation.
Thus, the Coasian assignment of the exclusive right of taxation solves the problem of overtaxation because it internalizes the revenue externality.
We are all familiar with the economic, social and political conditions which foster social inequities - inflation, monopoly prices of land and other factors of production, including business, overtaxation and arbitrary manipulation of wages and other income by government or other institutions.
To advocates, the main answer is simple: by ending alleged overtaxation of saving and investment.
Moreover, when we look more deeply into the effects of tax codes on economies, we begin to see that the overtaxation of constructive activities like work and investment is just one face of a more fundamental problem: there is also a chronic tendency to undertax destructive activities, such as pollution and resource depletion - activities that threaten long-term economic security.
The former president of Citizens Against Government Waste, Alan Keyes offers credentials second to none as a champion of Americans fed up with overtaxation, overspending, and overregulation.
It is not the size of the Federal deficit, the burden of overtaxation, or the shrinking purchasing power of their income.
Similarly, the cliche that the average Jew suffered greatly from overtaxation, and that the poor were becoming poorer, is shown to be simplistic (pp.