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For example, he refused to recognize either the Suwar al-Dahab coup that overthrew Nimieri or the elected Sadiq al-Mahdi government because neither set terms for a negotiated settlement to the civil war.
But three key events shook the Islamic world in 1979 and seem to have planted the seeds of his militancy: Egypt, defying the rest of the Arab world, signed a peace treaty with Israel; Islamic fundamentalists overthrew the pro-Western sovereign of Iran; and Soviet tanks roiled into Afghanistan, beginning a decade-long battle.
When a popular uprising in Khartoum overthrew Nimeiri in April 1985, it appeared that the interim government would annul Nimeiri's decrees and sign a peace accord with the SPLM.
He points to scriptural evidence, such as Samson's "one man guerrilla war against the Philistine government" and the "posse of men" led by Gideon, who overthrew the pagan Midianite government.
policymakers in 1979 when the Islamic revolution in Shiite Iran overthrew America's longtime partner, the Shah.
To help students understand how a grassroots revolution overthrew the dictatorship of Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic--and what it means for that war-tom nation's 10.
Cambodia, infamous for communist leader Pol Pot's "Killing Fields", was being run by Second Premier Hun Sen last night after he overthrew the government of Prince Norodom Ranariddh.
Hiro details the power struggles within and among the groups that overthrew the Shah, demonstrating how the taking of the U.
When he helped lead the coup that overthrew the elected government of Chilean President Salvador Allende in 1973, a coup in which Allende was killed, his supporters say he stopped Allende from creating a Communist regime in Chile.
The site of the meeting was the presidential suite in Diego Portales, an office building used during repairs on La Moneda, the presidential palace Pinochet had bombed on September 11, 1973, when he overthrew Salvador Allende.