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So our challenge is to determine, in advance, how well these embankments will perform if they overtop during a major flood.
Given in marriage by her father, the bride wore a floor-length satin organza tank with attached overtop and full skirt.
But the emergency gates were designed to be opened only when Folsom Lake is so full it threatens to overtop the dam.
Even those that were designed to overtop in smaller floods were sandbagged to prevent that from occurring.
Flood water from the river between Walsden and Gauxholme has often spilled into the canal in periods of heavy rain, sometimes causing it to overtop in the Golden Gardens area, just off Rochdale Road, and also further down at Salford Way, close to Todmorden town centre.
It is warning people in coastal communities not to walk or drive too close to the seafront to look at waves which are expected to be large enough to overtop defences.
While at either side of the road brick walls have also been removed so that, should all the other measures somehow fail and water did overtop the culvert, it could keep flowing downstream, rather than being held back and flowing into the business, which has been refitted and restocked at a cost of almost PS150,000.
He found that water had started to overtop the sandbag barriers up against the rear glass doors.
Large storm events overtop the river banks and have caused significant destruction to historic features such as stone walls, a cobblestone roadway and a pond.
My favourite elements of the layout are the bold eye-catching headlines incorporated overtop of full-page colour photographs, two-page spreads, plus visually appealing maps and artwork.
If other trees overtop them, kiss your intolerant trees goodbye.