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John Thornton was eating dinner when Buck dashed into camp and sprang upon him in a frenzy of affection, overturning him, scrambling upon him, licking his face, biting his hand--"playing the general tom-fool," as John Thornton characterized it, the while he shook Buck back and forth and cursed him lovingly.
I had strayed forward where the sailors were painting, and I came to myself to find my advancing foot on the verge of overturning a paint-pot.
There has been a rush of all the three, and a clattering of glasses and overturning of chairs.
Stage-coaches were upsetting in all directions, horses were bolting, boats were overturning, and boilers were bursting.
Police said there were a number of minor accidents on the stretch of motorway prior to the ambulance overturning at about 8.
The second appeal hinged more on the legal appropriateness of overturning an arbitration panel's decision for anything less than an egregiously unjust ruling.
Connecticut, in which it had "created" the concept of a "zone of privacy," using mainly the Ninth Amendment to create this "zone," and then it applied its ruling to all of the states using the incorporation doctrine, thereby overturning all of the states' anti-abortion laws.
Especially in light of Lawrence [the 2003 Supreme Court decision overturning sodomy laws], which now makes it so clear that courts must reject rulings based solely on their animosity toward gay people.
Stewart, the 9th Circuit applied similar logic in overturning a conviction for possession of homemade machine guns.
The Supreme Court's overturning of a mammoth judgment against Philip Morris is a clear signal that the high court considers outsize punitive awards unconstitutional, which is a boon for insurers and other defendants trying to assess future risks, insurance trade groups say
Overturning its own Aguilar and Grand Rapids decisions, the high court upheld a federal program that allows publicly funded remedial teachers to offer instruction at religious schools.
In a New York Times op-ed published on the heels of Alden, former Reagan administration Solicitor General Charles Fried suggested that the public should be grateful to the Court for overturning Congressional legislation in areas like rape protection and gun control because federal laws in this area are redundant with existing state laws and therefore "heedless" and "self-promoting.